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Go Tent Roof Top Tent

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What Is A Roof Top Tent?

A Go Tent is a roof top tent that fixes to the top of any car, truck, Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) or Recreational Vehicle (RV). It has a fibreglass shell top in which the tent folds into during travel, so there is just a neat box on your roof rack.

Once the lid is popped open, it forms into a tent which is capable of sleeping two adults inside. A Go Tent roof tent is easy to use and much easier to assemble than a standard tent.

As the hard shell structure fixes to a roof-rack, simply open out the tent and it’s ready to use. So no more time wasted messing around building a tent and fixing it into the ground.

A Go Tent will also free up space inside a car when compared to than a roof canopy tent.

The Go Tent allows you to camp at any destination that your car can get to and will allow you to go overlanding and boondocking. You do not need a big space or soft ground to sleep on.

A Go Tent is ready to use and sleep in, in minutes.

It is also easy to pack away as well, so when you are ready to leave, fold it back down and secure it in the box and you will be able to go. Click here to learn why a Go Tent is better than a Smittybuilt Overlander and a Rei Roof Top Tent.

How Does A Go Tent Work?

To use a Go Tent, unclip the box and pull up the roof to raise the tent to its full height and it’s ready. Then when you are ready to go, it is easy to fold back down and clip shut.

As the tent stays attached to the roof of the car when travelling, you do not have to worry about making sure it is secure each time you use it.

All Go Tents come with a mattress inside and a ladder which folds down, which means space is created in your car, as there is no need to store these items.

Folded into the hard shell covering are the ladder and mattress, along with the tent. This helps to keep everything neat and tidy as well and it means that you are able to have everything you need on hand. Click here to read the 10 Best American Made SUVs for Roof Top Tents.

Why Should I Buy From Go Tent?

Hundreds of satisfied customers can’t be wrong!

We are camping enthusiasts and so we know from personal experience what will make your trip easier and more fun. Therefore we aim to provide well-built products that are affordable and offer good value for money.

This is why we have chosen to create the Go Tent Car roof tent as we feel that this can add convenience to your camping adventures. They are very much easier to use and require less work, so you can have a much more relaxing trip. Need inspiration on where to go? Click here to discover the most visited national parks in the USA (2018)

A Brief History Of Roof-Top And Pop-Up Roof Tents

The first mention of a car roof tent was in the 1958 edition of Life Magazine. At the time they were selling for $97.

Roof tents were an Italian invention and came about due to the massive increase in car travel. It spawned a new tourism market and the tent offered a real freedom for those with cars, to camp wherever they wished to go and they still offer that freedom today.

It allows anyone with a car to drive wherever they want and then get a sleep when they need it. In more recent years they have grown in popularity, because more people are holidaying closer to home and enthusiasm for camping and getting way from civilisation is also on the rise.

Two tents were designed one that hinged upwards and one that hinged laterally. The two models thrived alongside each other and grew in popularity so much that a brand was set up in Italy which featured seven different styles and later there were fifty models as well as accessories to do with them. Now you also have a big choice of roof tents which means that you can pick one that fits your requirements and your car.

Will they last a long time? Are they difficult to maintain?

A Go Tent can last a long time as the structure is very robust. The canvas tent stays well protected when folded inside the shell structure. It is easy to clean, but should not need much cleaning if it is kept folded up when not in use. It is advisable not to leave them attached to your car when you are not on a camping trip because the weight will make your car less fuel efficient.

Once removed, if stored indoors in a garage, shed or basement, they’ll be protected from the weather and should last a long time. Being inside the solid shell will protect them from nibbling rodents or water damage as well, which should help a Go Tent Roof Top Tent to last a lot longer.